Eradicate Cancer 2018March 15 - 17, 2018 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre




You can relive all the action and conversation from the public forum & final summit via the videos below.

Thank you once again to our wonderful panel of experts for sharing their insights and research on the latest advancements in immunotherapy treatment to fight cancers of all types. 

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 Immunotherapy is rapidly emerging as the core medical platform for the treatment of cancer. 

More than “just another conference”

Outstanding program of national and international opinion leaders.

  • The conference title deliberately poses a provocative question and call to action.
  • Where we are at and how close we are to the all-important “cures”?
  • What are the latest technologies and clinical advances in immunotherapies for cancer?
    • focus on CAR-T cells, checkpoint blockades, NK cell, TIL/TCR targeting, cytokine modifying responses, therapeutic antibodies
    • best practice for gene editing of T cells and current strategies to rejuvenate and reconstruct the immune system of cancer patients.
    • Highlight final session: The Summit: Eradicate Cancer with Immunotherapy - If money was no object…. What is needed? How can we do it? How can we deliver to patients? Will we win? Panel discussion with key opinion leaders from research, clinic, biotech, regulatory and Government sectors. 



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